Thursday, December 14, 2006

Samson Agonistes

Samson Agonistes [Hal’ isn’t the only one who can make obscure literary references]

It has been a bit . . . a lifetime . . . since I have ventured into WOW. What has brought me back was a request by DoubleE to ‘borrow’ . . . err . . ‘me’ for Sunday drives. It was odd. I mean . . . Viamedia isn’t me, but is. However, DoubleE is one of a very few people on this planet I actually value.

So, I re-subscribed and then went into WOW to do the equivalent of house cleaning. I mean, I can’t have him seeing my toolbar out of order or seeing that my vault is a mess. It took over an hour to make Viamedia presentable . . . which is not something one would generally have to do.

Along the way I realized I was now part of a guild that Hal’ and Twink’ weren’t. So, I quit it. Now, I am guildless . . . which, as I am more or less a soloist [Sorry, Twink . . . I went ahead and re-configured myself FURY] and a guild has little use to me beyond companionship . . .and without Hal or Twink . . it ain’t.

How does one surrender an identity . . or an e-dentity? How does one cease to become oneself? I image it [as I am one to do . . . or is it two to do?] that it is like someone who has played a role on Broadway for a long run and then surrendered it to someone else. Viamedia was never me, but it . . . he . . was a comfortable enough suit. Though . . . I’m now wondering if I was ever me . . . or just a comfortable suit.

Enough metaphysical bullshit . . . time for me to exploit the masses in India and Madagascar and time for someone else to assume the role of Viamedia. And as DoubleE in my lore already has assumed my former roles to far more success . . . I have little doubt I won’t bask in his shadow as usual.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

They're Heeeee-re

I was grinding my way to 60 in WPL/EPL, when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Draenei boy with a question mark over his ear. Yup, the new kids are here and they have work for us to do. This guy's posted up by the WPL gryphs. Go get 'im!