Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Veni, Vidi, Vici

TrN is a fine place populated with fine people. I got no complaints or criticism unvoiced. Eric said, “Why don’t you join?” and Linda said, “Why don’t you quit?” Between the two I accomplished all I set out to accomplish . . . and more.

I’m proud of that period. Yet, everything that exists in time runs out of time and my time as a full-time and professional tank has come to an end. It wasn’t guild emo that caused me to /gquit and uninstall, but a realization of my profound boredom.

That realization came in our run through Zul'Aman. I was excited to enter and depressed to leave. Not because we didn’t down the boss, but because it revealed there was only more of the same ahead of us. The only barrier was gear and hours and hours and hours.

Further, the cartoon character that was AlamoJack I simply have grown bored playing. The role and responsibility have just worn me out. That’s no one’s fault, but my own quirky characteristic that wears most folks out as well.

It was what it was . . . /me looks at Eric, "Next?"

Guild Emo, BGs, Back in the Allie Saddle, Gnome Warrior?!

TrN brings down Nightbane

OMG, I've ignored this spot too long and so much has transpired. This post will be less reflective than it should be, just to get caught up on the news.

Guild Emo
You knew it had to happen sooner or later, as every guild, nay, every intentionally organized human group, must invariably cross its Rubicon of power struggles. Terror Nova guild is apparently no exception, despite being predominantly academic in nature. ANd why should it be immune? I've yet to serve on a faculty committee or work on a college faculty that didn't fall into disarray as people argued and drew lines in the sand and so on. NOw the TrN thing was way less intense than any other experience, but we did lose AlamoJack (aka Vilemedia, aka Viamedia) in the ensuring skirmish. And, we probably lost Grimnar (aka Clivenar) for similar reasons. But the guild marches on. I have never felt much love coming out of there, except from Zinnia and Party and Dawn (and Tigan and Kat, but they don't play much right now). But this hasn't particularly bothered me as I am not a big warm fuzzy huggy type anyhow. But, imho, the trouble started when we switched interfaces for our guild web site, from a semi formal blogging thing to a formal and structured third party guild hosting site: EpicMount. It bears exploring, but I'm not up to that today.

Well, my hunter started playing in battlegrounds, mostly to get the gear since she wasn't finding much support for running instances in outlands. The guild is very focused on Kara and beyond. (Yeah, that's part of the tension mentioned above). Well ZOMG, I am so in love with BGs. I'm a little concerned and very interested in how emotional my play is in BGs. I really, really get the hate on for my opponents. I will confess to yelling in raid chat more than once "We have to kill that f'n [rogue/pally] , NOW!" Oddly, my remark usually draws a "YESSSS!" or the like, from others. Why does PVP raise our hackles so? I don't feel such intensity against my NPC enemies? BTW, I have gotten my first two purplz from BGs: helmet and shoulders.

Back in the Allie Saddle
Meanwhile, my two doc students have rolled Alliance toons. I've dusted off an old toon, John BigBoote (homage to Buckeroo Banzai), a rogue, now at lvl 45. And, rolled a new one, Animatrix (omg that name was actually available!!), a godhelpme druid. I've never played a druid. Don't want to play a druid. But my student is soooo new to MMOs let alone WoW, that I needed to be mirroring her actions to be able to help her. ANd to make matters worse, it's a night elf. *shudder*

Gnome Warrior
Cause we just don't have enough alts yet... sigh. Bonnie wanted to roll a gnome and I love gnomes too and we seem to get along so.. shazam, we rolled gnomes. I'm a warrior, about the only class I haven't tried (now that I am also leveling a druid), and she rolled a caster, I think a mage. So far we're not even out of Anvilmar. Stay tuned. Oh, that reminds me, Bonnie made the decision to tell the guild what we were up to and invite others to play. Ah, such innocence. I would never have posted that info. Of course, it generated lots of protest about diluted efforts and the need to concentrate on our mains to get to Serpentshrine, etc etc. See Guild Emo, above.

Hellgrima, Kara
brag... We have gotten pretty good at Kara. Last run I was in we brought down Nightbane (see picture at top). We just need to do Nethersprite and Kara goes on farm. I'm still waiting for those pants to drop off the opera event. *sigh* Hellgrima has been doing so many Kara runs that she has enough Badges of Justice to start buying the good stuff from the crystalline entity in Shattrath (oh, I forget his name but that will do as a description, ty to Star Trek) Check out her gear (Orb of the Souleater, yeah!), and she's topped off her tailoring and has the full shadowweave set now.