Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GLS Webcasts Are Up

I hate it when I realize that I've missed the best sessions. ZOMG the ADL dude rocked.

Check out the streams.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Update, with Hellgrima

Well so much to tell.

Achievement Awards
Oh noes!! It's school!! Nah, regarding the previous post, I have since found out that even Blizzard recognizes this desire in its players. The expansion will contain "achievement" awards; they offer nothing but prestige, and among the kinds of deeds that will get you an achievement award is the acquisition of rare objects, such as that purple epic tiger mount. Huzzah!

Onward to SSC, at last!
Yes, finally TrN is pushing on to Serpentshrine Cavern. Hellgrima was lucky enough to get in on the first visit, which we did with Morituri, and we were quite successful, downing both Hydross and the Lurker Below. Nice warlock item dropped but I lost the roll. =flinch=

Onyxia Lives!
Yes, more exclamation marks!!!111! I'm excited. Old content that is very cool but which many of us did not see because the expansion seduced us, right as we got there... So a bunch of us in guild are attuning, keying, and finishing the Onxyia's Lair thang. You know, "many whelps! handle it!" So far we've been doing this in parties of 4 or 5. LOL. This used to be 10- and 25-man content.

PallyBoy, real name Tanknheal (lvl 52 Pally, Horde, Eitrigg)
Well, he's up to lvl 52 and I'm starting to understand how to play him and why pallies are good tanks. I do hate casters though; still haven't figured out how to deal with them other than spank and tank. TanknHeal is in WPL and finishing up odd lots of quests. Soon to the Outlands.

JohnBigBoote (lvl 66 rogue, Allie, Drenden)
Despite my chagrin at finding three pages of JBBs in the Armory (I thought I was so clever), I am buoyed by the pleasures of advanced alchemy with JBB. Some serious money to be made there, and not just in the high end products. Tynaqua does well with jewelcrafting, but the recipes are harder to come by, or so it seems.

Speaking of Tynaqua...(lvl 70 hunter, Horde, Eitrigg) is still PVP'ing as it is her best hope for good gear. She doesn't get dragged to instances very much, although she's in the Onxyia questing. No gear there for her though, duh. Hopefully I'll have time to build her up. I like hunters.

Still waiting for the release of the Blizzcon tickets...but meanwhile...

S P O R E -- C R E A T U R E - C R E A T O R

zomg, Sarah and I spent an entire afternoon creating creatures. I have the account and have shared a few of mine, including my version of the murloc. You can see them in teh Sporepedia. I cannot believe in just 45 days I will have a world to launch them in!

And the final play tidbit: yes friends, I have completed GH3 MEDIUM!!!!!1111 Yeah baby, rock Redondo!