Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dragons and Devilsaurs, Oh My -- Update

FortKnight is about a hair's breadth from hitting level 73, but you'll notice that she's wearing a special tabard. No, it's not the guild tabard. It's the tabard I've earned the right to wear as I grind Wyrmrest Accord reputation. And why am I doing that? To win the right to buy a red dragon for my flying epic mount. oooooo, yeah. The image on the tabard is that of the temple itself. YOu move between levels of the temple on the back of dragons that are available to help you out


back..Man, I must've been pretty tired. Fortknight has ding'd 76 and is half-way to level 77, at which time she is permitted to use a flying mount in Northrend. Her hearth is now set to Dalaran, which has a bank, but no AH, so it's still necessary to run back to the old world to play eBay. Fortunately, like Shattrath, Dalaran has an area with portals to the major cities, including Shattrath.

I'll try to grab more Dalaran pix to put up here, but for now let me show you Tynaqua's latest exotic pet, the devilsaur from Un'goro Crater. You all hated him when he squished you, now he's workin' for the man...lolz Because it's beta and I don't care what people think, I named him Palin, cause, you know, Sarah Palin and her Joe Six-pack pals believe dinosaurs and man lived at the same time.

Meanwhile Hellgrima is closing in on the top of the inscription profession. Her glyphs are actually good. But here's the coolest, not the best for fighting but the coolest. She can make a scroll that lets you rename your pet. That's for hunters, or rather for huntards, who name their pet something stupid they later regret. I love it. Her other glyphs are mostly buffs to existing talents. They do things like shorten the global cooldown on a spell, or extend the length of time a DOT runs, or add damage to an attack, or put a bonus "finisher" on a cast. In the last instance, a good example would be the glyph for warlock's fear that slows down the target at the end of the fear spell. In a dungeon, this gives you time to cast another fear spell, if you're chain fearing an add. Useful. I hope there is one for banish, as Hellgrima tends to use banish way more than fear in dungeons.

Speaking of Hell and her inscription, I have been working on the REAL Hellgrima. I had her drop tailoring and start herbing so she can do inscription when the expansion comes out. She is already at about 305 in herbing, and I'm banking the herbs to get a quick start out of the gate. I hate to see her lose the mining, but Tynaqua mines so I'll still have a nice source or ore there.

Speaking of Tynaqua, her second profession is jewelcrafting and that is full of win on the beta server. I must've made close to 3000G already doing the top jewels, the new ones that use gems that drop from the new ores. She can make some seriously über shit now. A couple of my toons are actually wearing a very powerful necklace she makes and has embedded with top 'o the line gems. I'll try to grab and post some info on that.

I have got to say the interweaving of lore into the quest lines, and the inclusion of scenes/cut scenes in the questing experience so awesome I can't wait to redo those quest lines on my live toons. Did you ever think you'd hear someone say they can't wait to redo a quest line? I doubt I'l get Tyn or Hell up to the those quest lines before the beta ends so I doubt I'll get a chance to grab a movie for ya. If I can, I will. Check YouTube. No doubt someone has it up there already. Wait, lemme look for ya. Sure enough. This is a crappy video but you get the idea. You go in to reclaim the UC from scourge. You get to fight Varimathras. The Alliance shows up but not exactly to help. lol. HOW MO FO COOL IS THAT??????

Monday, September 08, 2008

New Hunter Pet for Tynaqua

Well the DK, Fortknight, was getting all the love. Well, except for Hellgrimma who was really only running between the trainer and the mailbox as she leveled Inscription. But after I saw BigRedKitty's core hound post, I knew I had to go get me one of dose.

This involved first getting respec'd all the way down the BM line to pick up beast mastery, which lets you train exotic pets. Then, after a quick check on Petopia to see what sorts of dmg and stats these ginormous two-headed dogs had, I started the long tortuous route back to Outlands, specifically to Shadow Moon, to pick up a Spawn of Uvuros. Hey, if BRK in all his T5 or T6 glory gear can't live through the taming of Uvuros himself (elite), then I sure as hell can't. So Tynaqua (Tynaquard in beta) has herself a core hound. Ain't he grand? Two heads; lava pouring outta his mouth; and sweet trail of greasy green smoke globules. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, right there! I think I'll also pick up a mammoth, or maybe a chimera. Why, because I can.

The new hunter spec'ing is ... well, it's okay. I really like what's happened with the Viper shot and mana regen. Not too happy with having to spend all those points in BM. I usually spec survival up to trap mastery, but, well, we'll see as we play with this. After all, it's just 1 copper to respec.

Oh, Tynaqua is also leveling jewelcrafting and has made close to 1000G just selling two stacks of what will be the new motes: crystallized earth, water, and I forget what else, that are by-products of mining cobalt. Also making some sweet new gems, and I'm only at the edge of 400. JC now goes to 450.

That's today's update from beta.
Just wanted to get you a nice look at the new exotic pet.

Friday, September 05, 2008

We've Been to the Barber Shop

She's 71 now, got a bad ass 2H axe, and a new 'do. Liked the gnometails sooooo much I gave Fort some too.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Most of us have, at times, had unpleasant pangs of remorse while killing the hundreds of animals required of us by the Nesingwary quest lines: first in Azeroth, later in Outlands. We all expected him to make an appearance in Northrend, and he has. However, perhaps sensing our anger at the slaughter of panthers, tigers, and talbuk and more, Blizz now brings us D.E.H.T.A., or Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals. It is a quest series that involves an outright war on Nesingwary and his killing and looting fiends. This picture is from one quest in which you put down faux fur to lure the looter, then kill him with his own trap. Nice, eh? (Notice his last line and the fact that his bloodied body has no head.)

I have suggested to Blizz that we get some enduring mark of our commitment to save animals, a badge, a title, a doodad for our mount, a tabard, something. And, I have suggested there be some rep. In fact, there could be a daily quest chain that involves going back to Outland or Azeroth to help save animals there. Anyhow, thought this was cool.

Along the same lines, I had to offer feedback to Blizz about a quest on behalf of the "good" murlocs we're now friends with, in which I am to slaughter orcas. As if that weren't bad enough (wouldn't we all feel better slaughtering giant squid or something), the orcas sing... yes they sing the whale songs as you slaughter them. THat was really, really, unpleasant and I let Blizz know that.

Anyhow, this is PETA moment is offered to show you how the game has acquired more depth, imho, beyond slash and kill, and outside the official lore. More to follow.

PS - Ding. Fortknight is now 71. Hellgrimma's inscription lvl is now 300.