Friday, October 30, 2009

Ankle Buster – my g Wave review

Surfs not up for me on the gWave. And . . . I so so so wanted it to be . . . bitchin’, epic or even Choka, but . . . we’re in the soup here, dudes, dudettes and trans-dudies.

Here is the thing . . . what I thought gWave would be would be something that integrated e-mail, chat and everything thing else you typed online that Google touched. So, all your message board and blog posts and comments to blogs or to that article about global warming that made you so mad you wrote those three pages trying to explain why Sancho24601 is an idiot and then you left those two reviews on Amazon and . . . err . . . anyway, I thought it would be a one stop contextual index/archive for everything you typed to the Internet, but its not. What it is is . . . akward . . . like a teenage boy . . . full of maybe possible potential, but why risk it?

O.K., this is the problem . . . just like when Tina Turner sang on the soundtrack to Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome, “We don’t need another silo” (err . . . she sang “hero”, but “silo” works better for my argument). The main trouble with gWave is it is just another silo. It is just another place to log in and . . . lock everyone else out. And that isn’t likely to end with the end of a limited Beta or its indefinite unlimited Beta phase.

The next trouble with gWave is it isn’t googlishous. For things as basic entering text doesn’t feel like blogger or gDocs or gMail or anything else. It’s crude and confusing. You can’t embed an image, but you can embed a video?

There are some groovy things like being able to do a Google search inside the application and then directly link the result you were looking for. Of course, this would be of more use in blogger, gDocs and gMail. It’s nice to be able to see all the folks icons attached to the message. Yet, again . . . would be better in other programs. About the only thing I really loved was the idea of playing social Sudoku.

It’s a wipe out, but we can just recover and wait for another set.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rabbit Hole

Dude . . . go to and type with cursor and keyboard . . . UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, ENTER

I'm not so geeking out on what is hidden there, but that you can do that with a web page now.

Who would we be in Star Trek Online?

I'll go with the Mirror Mirror version of . . . err . . . me.

I'ma be a Talosian in Star Trek Online

Yah, that's right baby. These are my people, from one of my fav episodes. We're all about the brain, and we like to do research. We don't get out much and we don't talk much. Mostly we ponder the unknowable.

Klingon Propaganda . . . but for what?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Future . . .

ST:O looks like it is going live Q1 (My bet is early Q2) of 2010. While I am inclined to want to get into Global Agenda . . . there is some uber cool stuff here in the WOW equivalent established mythology and the idea of being a captain (everyone is a captain with their own ship) with the bridge crew the equivalent of a WOW Hunter's pet that you level up.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Six is the only number upside down that is another number

When I get an invite . . . yours. Let me know if you get a Google Wave invite.

I'm surprised you didn't go with the Willis . . . The Bruce Willis!

God, I loved watching The Prisoner with my father as a child. Never understood it. I'd ask him to explain and he'd say "when you're older". It was only when I was older I realized he was trying to figure it out just like me.

Did you know there is a big ol' The Prisoner Mini Series coming to . . . I think AMC (Lord, I hope it's not The Lifetime Network!). Gandalf as the new Number 2.

"Who are you?"

"I am the new Number 2"

"Who is Number 1?"

"YOU ARE, Number 6"

Be seeing you.

. . .

UPDATE: You can watch them all here.

Fuck You and the Space Ship You Rode in on

I'll see your Double O Soul, and raise it with mah Secret Agent Man. I heart this song. Btws, that white chick in the back is me doing the modified surfer stomp.

But then that reminded me of the COOLEST SHOW EVAAAAAH:

Got another beta invite, you bastige?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Agent Double O Soul

If someone were to have an NDA for a major new MMO game . . . could they tell anyone that they had an NDA?

That's right, bitches!

Of course for me . . . the definitive version is The Untouchables . . . man, oh man, oh man, oh snakes . . . what a show! However, I so hate to disparage MoTown and any song with a pedigree that includes Edwin Star, Robert Preston and Ray Charles.

Anyway . . . back to playing this game . . . or not playing it.