Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Je Suis Arrivée

Okay, yah, I changed her name to avoid a kid who was dogging me for help. I didn't realize that if I changed the name it would also change it on his friends list. Ah well, I have gotten used to Managed Care as a name now.

So yes, MC (as the guild calls her) has ding'd 80 and thanks to the dungeon finder is almost all attired in purple. I got to heal my first guild runs as EricN was running and rerunning Pit of Saron for a shield. Then I got a chance to try my hand at healing a 10-man for the weekly (Instructor Raz). I didn't find it difficult to track, which I thought I would, but I did realize my mana regen isn't quite there yet.

I've ding'd engineering 450 and have the Jeeves recipe. I'm slowing working on accumulating the mats. Have to scrounge Outlands for Khorium, which is now even harder to find since hardly anyone is IN Outlands mining (Khorium is a respawn from Fel Iron). Got my helicopter, my portable mailbox, and of course the goblin Northrend Wormhole Generator. Engineering was fun until those last 5 points. I'm also bummed to learn that a key money-maker (ammo) will be gone in the expansion, although my hunter is pleased to hear that. Onward and upward.