Friday, June 11, 2010

...and a preview

cataclysm. november. got my copy reserved. you?

BRK is back. I have Jeeves. I need a respec and cheap beer

I stumbled up on Big Red Kitty's return when I went Googling for some hunter gear info. Yes, he's back. Apparently they sucked him in a few months back with an invite to the alpha of Cataclysm. He's NDA'd up the arse so his entries are mostly funny and not very informative, but golly gee it's great to have him back. Here's hoping they restore the end game playability of the BM spec! 

ManagedCare finally hit exalted with the Horde Expedition in Northrend and thus able to buy the mechanohog recipe. Of course, I have discovered that you have to purchase 2/3s of the mats from vendors and that the cost is close to 15K Gold, so ... gonna be a while before I get the mechanohog, if ever.

Also, I've finally managed to build Jeeves, the repair 'bot, although, they've sort of gutted his usefulness by having repair people near almost ever dungeon entrance from Outland to Northrend. But, it's still cool to pull him out when you're deep into a dungeon.

MC, or ManagedC as I like to call her, is very comfy with all heroic 5-mans now. Once I got the regen up around 700 unbuffed, it was cake. But on 10-mans it's looking like I'm going to need to spec discipline (or disc, as it's called more often). That is a very different play style, all about mitigation and anticipation. Does not sound fun, but I keep getting told to go disc. Interestingly, Althaea is still holy spec and heals our 10- and 25-man raids. I'm fine being a raid healer; I have no desire to main heal the MT/OT. Let the pallies do that. 

Speaking of priests, Bonnie and I met at UCI yesterday to chat about doing some WoW writing together.  She's healing on a shammy and we compared notes. I *do* have a shammy mid-level sitting in Alliance (remember Kuu?) and I could swap her into Horde and give that a try, but why compete with Bonnie. I am kinda diggin' priest heals. We both agreed the fun of healing is the scrambling when stuff goes wrong in the raid.  

I missed GLS this year for a variety of reasons, but mostly I let those reasons overrun me 'cause I realized I really only go for the people. The content is very limited; often the same small circle of speakers with not always something new to say. However, I am going to E3 next week. I'm stoked about that. We also decided not to try, no doubt fruitlessly anyhow, for the Blizzcon tickets. We kinda liked watching the stream last year, and this year there will be have more flexibility/variety in the streaming. Sure we'll miss the schwag, but hey: cleaner bathrooms, cheaper beer.  What can I say?