Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's All Cool

Professor Putricide down at last. Note ManagedCare is there as a healer. The guild is now 10 of 12 in ICC. We can't get Sindragosa past 8% but we will eventually. Each time is an improvement.

So, I'm no disc priest virgin anymore. The guild dragged me along on an ICC25 (this picture is a 10-man), where I was one of two priests healing, five healers total (three druids). I did fine. I was given an OT to keep up and I did, except for two fights. In both cases we were sort of out of time and things were going to hell anyway. I didn't feel too bad about it. I'm completely comfortable with disc. now and use it in the heroic dailies and in guild 10- and 25-man raids. I don't seem to pump out the numbers that straight up healers do, that is, as a mitigation specialist my whole point is to avoid having to heal by protecting.

Meanwhile, Tynqua is pounding away on achievements, mostly to catch the ones that will be affected by the terraforming in Cataclysm. Sure is easier to go back and farm achievements as a geared up 80 than to do them at level. LOL.

I started a druid and a shaman on another server, mostly to see how those classes heal. I've been really impressed with the shammy heals (Supernovan, Chakchel), and I'd like to understand the mechanic. It's slow going though, to level those, partly cuz I'm sick of leveling toons and partly cause they're so weak at low levels.

Some of the guildies have gotten into 5-man arena, and it reminded me of our short stint in 2- and 3-mans with Viamedia. I just don't have the hand-mind speed for pvp. :-)