Monday, December 06, 2010

Waiting for the End to Come....

yep, Linkin Park song.

So Cataclysm drops tomorrow and the world of warcraft will be remade. I've told Sarah I'd go to our local Game Stop at midnight to pick up the copies we reserved. Why did I say that? /facepalm.

Meanwhile I've been running around the zones getting Bilgewater Cartel rep. points to get to exalted so I can qualify to buy a trike, and voila, here it is. A truly awesome "mount." Other than that I haven't really been playing that much. Not sure why. Maybe because I am so depressed about the nerf to hunter DPS. qq. qq.

I have to say doing all the goblin quests got me pretty excited about having goblins in the Horde. Clever devils, they are. Those rocket transportation systems are hella fun. And, you gotta love that floating party barge in Thousand Needles. That said, it's true that I, and others in our guild, will be rolling a Worgen... cause... how can we not? Looks like we're doing it on another server for some weird reason, and in a new guild we're calling ... In Sheep's Clothing. meh.

Other news, and this is rather weird, we've picked up four awesome players from another guild. These guys typically run with us when we do ICC 25 and they're truly first rate, e.g., Cymro. I confess I just love hearing Cymro's accent in vent...British? Anyhow, I guess their guild imploded or something.

all I want to do is trade this life for something new... (Linkin Park)

and soon I shall! For the Horde!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

I'm tired and not much in the mood to write, but I do want to share these screen shots from the past weekend spent exploring the new or rather the terraformed world.
This is the new rocket transportation around Azshara. There are stations that serve quest hubs. The more I mess with the new goblin presence in the world, the more I'm glad the Horde got goblins.
This is my own personal party boat for moving around the now-flooded zone of Thousand Needles. You need this for quests (who wants to swim THAT much) and it's hella fun. Only useable in Thousand Needles. Don't forget to click on the pict. to enlarge it.
This caravan is both a quest achievement object and a clever way to move around from quest hub to quest hub in Eastern Plague Lands. The NPC banter gives it the feel of the caravan in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. It's truly brilliant. I'm sitting on the back with one of the NPCs.
This is a quick look at the new improved quest log. Whenever you're sent after a 'named' target you get a little pop up shot of what you're looking for. Note this one also includes a quest-relevant hint.