Saturday, June 04, 2011

Still Playing...Is this the new gardening/TV time killer?

Yah, I'm still playing. I sure as hell don't know why. I don't have as much time to run with the guild. I've gotten back into healing though. I enjoy that. I enjoy questing, mostly trying to be the most efficient possible. I took another priest from 0 to 75 in about 3 weeks off and on. LOL.

Yah, there's new content again (big patch last month, 'nother one coming up), but it's not the same kind of fun. It's relaxing, like... gardening or something. How bizarre is that? The Blizz team would cry if they got wind of that. lol.

Rift, yah it's kinda fun too, but don't have any friends playing there. Gets lonely. Which is weird 'cause I don't talk to my guildies in WoW that much when I log in now either. I dunno. Maybe I'm done with the MMOs of this sort for now.

Meanwhile I tried some free-to-play 2D web candy: Spiral Knights, League of Legends. Meh. They're really just things to do while you chat with your buds online. Minecraft, not my thing. I've done the virtual world build-it-yourself thing in Second Life.

So, I'm looking forward to E3 next week. God I hope something's interesting on the floor. Blizzard won't be there but I hear that Diablo is coming out within a year. I'm up for that.