Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They Broke My Minecraft.

Here Comes the Sun

That mad meandering mindful dash . . . that first hour of Minecraft is always what I first love. You had to get everything right or spend the night listening to the monster's moans . . . hopefully by torchlight. I loved that struggle. 

Finally, with a bed you select to slumber and watch the screen fade to black when a sudden return of light to reveal a monster! "Where's the sword? . . . just hit it with the . . . leaf! Hit it!" I loved that surprise.

The struggle and surprise of the long night . . . both in-game and out . . . with 1.3 nigh that changes! The code for the single player game is being removed. Instead, single player will just be a multiplayer shell.

In Beta, sleeping in a bed placed in an area that is exposed to monsters would cause the player to wake up with a zombie or skeleton next to them. As the chart to the right shows, placing beds next to external walls would also cause this. 
The system is much simpler since the full release — sleep is not allowed within 10 blocks of a hostile mob. If a hostile mob is within 10 blocks of the bed when the player tries to sleep, the player is not allowed to sleep, and the message, "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby," will be displayed. There is no longer any chance of an interruption. (
Now, when I explore I just carry a bed and throw it down anywhere and sleep on it at night without even trying to fortify my position or even light it. I do it even when I can see mobs as long as they are 10 blocks away. 

This is the sucks!

Village of the Damned

Since Snapshot 12w06a, Zombies will attempt to break down doors, continuously banging on them. On Hard and Hardcore difficulties, Zombies can successfully break down Wooden Doors. Iron Doors are always safe from Zombie attack and destruction. Zombies will attack Villagers within 16 blocks of themselves, ignoring the hazard of direct sunlight.
If you do not keep the night away then the zombies will come to play. By "play" I mean slaughter all your villagers. This is an easy enough issue to resolve by just going to bed.  However, if you happen to explore a dungeon that removes you from the day/light cycle then you can't "just" go to bed. Go spend that long amount of time exploring every aspect of a dungeon and return to find an eerie sight . . . every door and villager missing and the word "CROATOAN" carved on a tree.

I have only found one solution . . . 

I did it for their own good!

Monday, July 02, 2012

On Returning to a WoW Raid After 7+ Months Out of Game

So ... that happened. I decided to see if I could still play WoW and have fun. My memories of the five plus years suggest I can, but is that just the past coloring the future; should/would/could I take part in the upcoming Mists of Panderia expansion? Or will I find it boring and unpleasant? To answer that question in part, I opted back in and signed up to raid with what is left of Terror Nova guild.

Yeah, there's still folks there I know and like: Tychem/Medford, Cymro and his trail of Cym-alts, Zalvadre, Palazza, others... But there are many I don't know. Anyhow. Off I went Thursday night. Having just read four long capstone draft papers I was in a mode to kill something big.

So, obviously I was under geared having not raided in more than half a year, but my guildies tossed me some goods from the guild bank and off we went. ... to Dragon Soul on 10man normal. This is the newest raid. I assumed I would suck. I only died on this the fourth boss, Ultraxion, I think it was. And, I wasn't the only dirtnapper. It's one of those fights with an out-of-phase thing where you need to jump in and out of the Twilight Realm...and need to time it perfectly. We ended here after three wipes. For the earlier fights, the group was uber enough that I had no trouble.

Did I enjoy it, the raiding? Yeah. I did, or rather I enjoyed the banter and the goofiness and the trash talk and the gear whoring and all that. Enough to play more? Mmmmm. Maybe. Note that the tank did more DPS than I did. If I rejoin play I'm going to have to start grinding for gear, lol.

PS - That was last week. Last night we downed the last boss, Deathwing, after three failed attempts. And yeah... I fist pumped.