Thursday, May 12, 2016

Surprise! Left WoW. Subbing SWTOR.

For about a week I was able to play on a rogue Vanilla WoW server some folks put up. There were several thousand people playing. It was so cool. I'd forgotten what it was like before Blizz made everything a face roll. Anyhow, tl;dr, Blizzard shut it down by threatening legal action.

So I cancelled my sub to WoW. Fuck them.

I had been playing the free-to-play part of SWTOR for a few months and was digging it for the same reason we all dug Dragon Age. Interactive story. I decided to sub there. I'm raising one of each class, both Dark and Light Side.

Best story arcs are the Jedi Knight and the Imperial Agent. I have to say that agent story arc is amazing! I was actually rather hohum about the knight until this happened. This is my newest companion, picked up at level 45. Yup, that's right. He's a Sith (and obviously betraying his Emperor)!

I'm really enjoying the game play, and the art is lovely. (I leave you with a shot from the planet Ilum, below.

This is the planet Ilum (lvl50), where it is always dark, icy, and pointy.