Friday, April 20, 2007

Shamanista Rising

Okay, yeah, another alt. But before you mock me, realize it's a shaman! Ok, yeah, another caster, but this one can rez herself as well as others, and has a totem for evey ill. And, she gets to wear leather now and mail later. Kind of a better palie, eh?

So Kuu has been working her way forward, having to take a back seat to Hall and Saami. Oh, btw, Hall is 70 now and working her way through the questing and such to acquire a flying mount. She's also started leveling up her enchanting again. Saami waits. But I gotta say, Hall and I have seen some awesome potential pets out there in Blade's Edge.

Kuu just got her air totem (earth, fire, air, and something else.. electrical? lol) and part of the quest required her to go to the top of a mtn to talk to the wind dude. After their convo he kindly flew her down to the base. This is Kuu, flying! DOn't you wish you could? It's been interesting to revisit old familiar quests but with new skills and tools. Some play out just as they would before, but others become "new all over again" because of the opportunities afforded by totems. I'm feeling the need to find some lowbies to run with in order to do some instances, but maybe I'll just ask Mr. Uber Druid (CLivenar) or his uber buddy the rogue (Yojimbo). Yojimbo and Kuu cleared out the Felfire Hill quests without a death and, well, I don't think Yojimbo ever needed a heal. LOL.

Monday, April 16, 2007

ViaMedia's Photo Album

Life in World of Warcraft isn't JUST killing. There are the quiet moments as well as the group moments. Below are a few taken on a Saturday afternoon.

A Day at the beach with Dwarf and Priest

When not attempting to lead instances or defending their leading of instances, ViaMedia of the Dwarfs likes to strip down and soak on the shores. Twinkleheal prefers to fish so that later he may retire to his cook pot and prepare his much sought after "Twinkle'sticks".

Five for Fighting

Twink, Clive, Assa [with pet], Hall and Via prepare to explore the Mana Tombs. In a moment of levity, Clive sneaked up behind Twink and placed a 'Sheep me!' sign on his back.

Via and "Evil Bitch"

There is a new love in Via's life and though her knees bend backwards and she has hooves and wings and horns and a pale cold-to-the-touch skin and is a minion of pure evil, he says with only a touch of bitterness, "Hellfire and damnation, she's a major upgrade from the last brunette lanky soulless and black hearted evil bitch I dated!"

Dancing Bear

Clive dances to entertain the troops in what he calls his, "Country Bear Jamboree". The USO has contacted him . . . as have lawyers from Disney.

Gnomes in Back!

Like Rosa Parks before, Gnomes [Hallgrima pictured in back wearing traditional Gnomish burka] are forced to stay in the back of groups.

Hallgrima and Viamedia Reunite to
kill for charity . . . and phat loots!

Hall' is known to spend time outside bars trying to upgrade the gear of weary adventures and Via' is known for his "Naked Dwarf Charities" which . . . err . . . involve him being nude and trying to get young dwarfs and gnomes to accept gold for reasons that have yet to be fully litigated.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some Possibilities Outside the Envelope on Flying Mounts

I understand this is RPG, but wow couldn't we have some fun doing paint ball wars on flying mounts?