Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gear, Specs, and Flasks

First of all, I have to announce this. Tynaqua is #2 on gear in the guild. And the funny thing is, I've got a ton of alts and I'm not a big gear competition junky. But, there you go. I'll never catch Althaea, but I'm at peace with that. Tyn still doesn't do the most damage by far. Those f'n mages and rogues are awfully hard to catch on big boss fights, but I like to think my utility for fights like Saurfang and Lady WhateverHerNameIs compensates. I think the gear score clincher was the crafted level 264 boots: Rock Steady Treads. I actually abandoned Jewel Crafting and leveled skinning from 0-450 in about a day and a half just to farm the arctic furs needed. And those I got in about 4 hours.

Meanwhile I've been learning to play the discipline spec on ManagedCare, my priest healer. Wow, is that a weird spec. You mostly mitigate damage by anticipating it and bubbling the likely targets. The bubble absorbs damage, and when it pops you get a shit ton of mana back. I never need mana on this toon except when I freak out and over bubble. See the downside is you have no real AOE heal (no Circle of Healing) and no fast and big single target heal... Well there is one but it has a long CD, relatively speaking. So... I've run normals Northrend dungeons as disc. and one or two heroics, but I'm not totally comfy with it.

And, in further weird news... I decided that we never seem to have enough pots/elixirs/flasks in the gbank and I'm sick of dropping big coin to get Flask of Endless Enrage for raids, so I took JohnBigBoote, mah old Alliance rogue, and made him a Hordie. His alch was already at 400, so now I'm trying to top it off. Meanwhile he's supplying reasonably good flasks and elixirs for MC and Tyn. I guess it's like my dad always said, "If you want something done right, do it yourself."