Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Badly Do You Want It?

I wanted it pretty badly, enough to solo run Strath three times last night to get the last three bars of rep with Thunder Bluff. Each Strath run netted me about 12 stacks of runecloth and 40G but took about 75 minutes. I think I know that place now. LOL. Oh, I also got an entire line of rep with Argent Dawn, from friendly to honored in just those three runs. A lot of bones and scourgestones drop. It's actually not a bad farming run. I didn't even pick up everything blue that dropped, and I did get some blue BOE which are sitting on the AH right now for about another 80G.

The problem was that even buying those TB mounts left me one mount short. I didn't want to drop a lot of money on special mounts, e.g., go back and buy another netherwing for 200G. So, I figured there must be a mount somewhere I missed. And, sure enough, there was. The new ochre UC skellie mount finished it off. I got the achievement, and within seconds, really, the email wth the albino mount showed up in my mailbox. Now, I really like the color but whoever designed them made them look doofy with those big fat feet hanging down. Nonetheless, though I probably like my green Netherwing best, I'll be showing this one off. You don't grind a 50 mount achievement and leave the prize in the garage.

Now when I get that Argent Tourny mount... bwahahahahahaha

Friday, September 25, 2009


Yes, it's Brewfest. I doubt I'll get the Brewfest mount, but I am running the quests for the pets 'n such. You'll note that both Françoise and Fortknight got their special Venomhide dino mount. In this picture, Françoise is modeling it and you'll note right next to her is the Brewfest pet, the pink pachyderm.

Last year there was no pink pachyderm and I think it was probably a response to an anti drinking backlash because you had to be drunk to 'see' the pachyderms for the quest. This year you can get free synthgoggles that will give you the thrills of drunken behavior without actually requiring you to swill any alcoholic libations. I think that's a sign that WoW has caved to the kiddies and families. /cry. Make them go to Club Penguin for crap's sake. Let me drink and kill with virtual abandon here. That's partly what I'm paying for with my subscription.

Anyhow... work calls.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Favorite Grind

Not about coffee, and there are no favorite grinds. They all suck. But, some have better payoffs than others. So this is my dino baby on day 7; I'm now on day 12 and he's actually bigger. On day 20 he becomes a mount for my rogue, Françoise, and my DK, Fortknight. Ironically, I am having the most fun playing Alterac Valley with my hunter, Tynaqua. I always end up around 4th position for dmg and honor kills. Hunters are so OP. lol.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I decided late one night to run down to Booty Bay and slaughter the town many times over to get our Bloodsail Admiral outfits. Only took about 90 minutes. We think we look cool. If only we could emote a good "arg!" Now we'll have a short grind to regain rep so the neutral cities don't kill us on sight.