Friday, June 29, 2012

Diablo3 and Me

I am playing this game. A lot. I now have four toons in Nightmare Mode, which means I've beaten Diablo on normal mode and now do the same game (well, 98% the same) all over at a greater level of difficulty: more adds, more complicated fights, scaled loot...

It is still, for me, a solo game. A very simple solo game. With an auction house that can do RMTs. No, I refuse to pay real money for stuff; it defeats the whole purpose for playing the game. *cough* Yankees *cough*

BTW, the 1 friend listed in the corner is Oddible who is always on playing Starcraft 2v2s and the like.

So an action RPG with friends... Sure there are other people on and I can make my game public to invite others, or invite "friends" on my friends list, but why would I? I don't need them, and if I want to chat I don't need them in my game to do that (nice touch Battlenet). SWTOR at least has multiplayer dungeons. WTF, Blizz?

So as we have worked our way in and out of RIFT, SWTOR, Diablo3, I find that WoW itself is still the most complete multiplayer. Maybe if I could play FPS multiplayers like without barfing I might find what I'm looking for there, especially the new COD release: Black Ops II. But I'm not big on map-based play. Guess it's time to go outdoors again til someone actually innovates.