Monday, December 06, 2010

Waiting for the End to Come....

yep, Linkin Park song.

So Cataclysm drops tomorrow and the world of warcraft will be remade. I've told Sarah I'd go to our local Game Stop at midnight to pick up the copies we reserved. Why did I say that? /facepalm.

Meanwhile I've been running around the zones getting Bilgewater Cartel rep. points to get to exalted so I can qualify to buy a trike, and voila, here it is. A truly awesome "mount." Other than that I haven't really been playing that much. Not sure why. Maybe because I am so depressed about the nerf to hunter DPS. qq. qq.

I have to say doing all the goblin quests got me pretty excited about having goblins in the Horde. Clever devils, they are. Those rocket transportation systems are hella fun. And, you gotta love that floating party barge in Thousand Needles. That said, it's true that I, and others in our guild, will be rolling a Worgen... cause... how can we not? Looks like we're doing it on another server for some weird reason, and in a new guild we're calling ... In Sheep's Clothing. meh.

Other news, and this is rather weird, we've picked up four awesome players from another guild. These guys typically run with us when we do ICC 25 and they're truly first rate, e.g., Cymro. I confess I just love hearing Cymro's accent in vent...British? Anyhow, I guess their guild imploded or something.

all I want to do is trade this life for something new... (Linkin Park)

and soon I shall! For the Horde!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

I'm tired and not much in the mood to write, but I do want to share these screen shots from the past weekend spent exploring the new or rather the terraformed world.
This is the new rocket transportation around Azshara. There are stations that serve quest hubs. The more I mess with the new goblin presence in the world, the more I'm glad the Horde got goblins.
This is my own personal party boat for moving around the now-flooded zone of Thousand Needles. You need this for quests (who wants to swim THAT much) and it's hella fun. Only useable in Thousand Needles. Don't forget to click on the pict. to enlarge it.
This caravan is both a quest achievement object and a clever way to move around from quest hub to quest hub in Eastern Plague Lands. The NPC banter gives it the feel of the caravan in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. It's truly brilliant. I'm sitting on the back with one of the NPCs.
This is a quick look at the new improved quest log. Whenever you're sent after a 'named' target you get a little pop up shot of what you're looking for. Note this one also includes a quest-relevant hint.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cataclysm Patch - Day One

Okies!!!!! I finished my last bit of school work and logged in to see what was up with the Cataclysm terraforming the precedes the expansion. I had the overwhelming experperience that defines the expression "kid in a candy store." There were so many choices of things to do and see. I spent the first twenty minutes chasing my tail. Then I settled in and decided NOT to roll a new toon just to see the start zones. I'll do that with the new Worgen and Goblin races when the expansion comes out. Instead I thought it would be interesting to see the changed new worlds.

I took Tynaqua around, for the most part. I've had some trouble with screen captures. Not sure why. Several Orgrimmar ones weren't full shots even though they looked fully rez'd on screen. =shrug= Anyhow, this first shot is Tynqua who managed readily to beat the ingame game of plants vs. zombies. I was awarded my own sunflower, which sings in a sweet four-year-old voice. It was a lot of fun to play and I'd go back if there were a reason to other than the game mechanic fun. This took place in the region that's behind Hillsbrad, up where the prison camp used to be.

Notice too, that I'm standing with a silver fox, one of two new cool pets for hunters. I got the silver fox outside Gilnea. Yah, that's right, the Greymane Wall has fallen. You can ride around in what will soon be the Worgen start zone, but you can't get in to the city itself yet; I imagine that's saved for the expansion. The place is mostly deserted except for some stray Horde troops setting up to attack that Alliance city.

The second shot here is from the plants vs. zombies ingame game itself.  As always, you can click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

The shot here is a very cool quest I encountered in, I think, Silverpine, when I was heading to the Greymane area to get my fox pet (you can get the dog there too, which I did, but he's hella ugly). As you can see, I AM THE QUEST GIVER in this quest. How funny is that, eh? I have to hand out quests and converse with three NPC players who come along the road. I must admit there is some satisfaction in sending 'players' off on FedEx quests and the like. Kudos to whatever level design cubicle guy thought this one up. I did enjoy it, probably more than players who haven't leveled a shit ton of alts.

So yah, I spent yesterday in Hillsbrad mostly. I had been almost through with loremaster when the patch dropped and reset almost everything, but I managed to knock off all the Hillsbrad quests and I got to see the new land. Southshore is gone. It's ruins. And full of oozes.

Generally they've made the game easier to play in PVE mode. There are flight paths EVERYWHERE, which is hugely ironic, given that they've already reduced the level at which you get your mount from lvl 40 to lvl 20. I hear, though, that the dungeons have gotten harder, which I think is a fine idea. I'm hoping we're back to vanilla WoW levels of difficulty, where players have to actually play and strategize their class skills, e.g., the return of crowd control.

I'll be playing most of T-day weekend I hope. Meanwhile, enjoy these sneak peeks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

And Now I Am a Cow

Well, I finally bit the bullet and moved Naturegrrl to Eitrigg, made her a Hordie and of course, since only Tauren can be druids, I felt Naturegrrl was just not gonna work as a name. A cow named Naturegrrl? Nah. So I used the name my deleted shammy had: Manamanah. Well, why not, it's always about mana when you're a healer.

Many upsides to the switch. For one, now I have an enchanter all my own. For another, she can wear heirloom gear and level faster. And finally, I can play with my doc students who are level 60 or lower.  It's also nice to be able to move stuff and money among my toons. She's not guilded yet. Not sure that's going to happen. I may look elsewhere for this toon since our guild has so many druids.

As you can see, it's Halloween Fest or whatever it's called, and I have been hit with a pumpkin head.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Patches and Wings

Greetings, lone reader. The new patch dropped and it's effect is much like that you see when you take a stick and swirl it around in the middle of a line of ants:CHAOS!! OMG the sky is falling!!

First of all, we all got our talent points back, and the talent trees have been overhauled in major ways. Partly the effect is to clarify the class roles (spec'ing for dummies), and partly it's to balance the game a bit. Needless to say, hunters got nerfed... /cry. I think this is why we roll alts. When the OP sauce moves to a new class and your fav. toon gets nerfed, you just activate the alt. So, of course, Tynaqua the hunter is geared almost to the max., but I may be playing my resto druid a helluvalot more.  (Yes, it's even more fun than disc. priest.) The resto talent changes seem to have made healing less of a keyboard faceroll. Yay! Although I am srsly bummed about the loss of tree form. And there has been talk here and there that the changes in the patch and in Cataclysm will mark a return to skill over mere strategy. That's right all you doofuses out there; you need to L2P your CC class skills. bwahahahahahah.

[see glossary at end]

Second of all, the glyph system took a hit, probably for the better if it's your profession. Now we have three levels of glyphs where once there were two. And we get 9 in total, instead of 6. OMG auction house. lol.

Third, the prices have come down on things like dual spec'ing (yay!) and for only 5K G (only) we can all now fly at 310% speed. Meh. There's more but read about it yourself.

The other interesting bit is the launching of the pre-Cataclysm events. We're now getting earthquakes everywhere that hint at the terraforming to come. I have to say that as a Southern Californian, these unpredictable shakes kinda spook me. Yah they really do. Weird. It's not like I dive under the desk, but I jump a little. LOL. Also we can start to see the change from Thrall to Garrosh in the storyline. And please don't start me on the coming demise of our beloved Cairne Bloodhoof... sob.

Adjusting to the new talent and spell changes has been weird. Tynaqua really has lost some dps and I've respec'd her as marksman, since survival is so focused on CC stuff that it seems PVP more than PVE. I will be dual spec'ing to see if BM is viable again, but mostly in endgame its about cranking the ranged dps. Haven't run with my disc. priest yet, in no small part because I'M IN LOVE WITH RESTO DRIUD HEALING. Yah, that was a shout. Naturegrrl is so awesome sauce that I've already been healing in dungeons on with the new spec tree and without GRID (addons aren't updated yet and probably won't be for a while, given all the spell and dps mechanics changes.). Takes gumption to heal with a plain vanilla UI. Or love.

Speaking of UI... One thing I find incredibly interesting and reminiscent of ye olde Apple DOS days (when Apple's landmark "system 7" rollout incorporated all the good stuff from the third party "inits"), is the obvious adoption of third party addon features into the new UI. For instance, power auras used to let you set up big colorful visual cues for particular kinds of fight or heal mechanics. The UI since the patch does this quite a bit, especially for procs. In fact, the visuals even look like a power auras image. I think it's wonderful that Blizz is realizing the value of these features and incorporating them into the official interface (where they'll work more seamlessly, take up less memory, and get updated regularly).

So in the last random dungeon run yesterday, the famous druid shoulders dropped. Yeah, I got a dead bird on each shoulder now. Oh joy. And yah, they give off a green gas, oh, excuse me, green aura.

Hey noobs:
OP = overpowered (too much of an advantage, e.g,. mages are OP)

UI = user interface
nerfed = reduced in power, usually cuz you were too OP
L2P = learn to play, intended to be snarky
PVP = player versus player (human to human combat)
PVE = mostly player versus game environment (NPCs, non-player characters)
proc = Programmed Random OCcurrence (a fight/heal/spell bonus that goes off randomly and should be used to your advantage)
CC = crowd control (stun, trap, root, banish or otherwise tie up an enemy)
GRID = an addon for healers that changes the UI a bit

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hell Yah

These are the first and second place winners of the Video Game Voters' Network (VGVN) contest for a banner to oppose the over-regulation of video games. Look! They even got Stan Lee to join the fray.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I am  tree. I have tree? Made it to lvl 51. Let the über heals begin. Actually have been healing with no problems, not even mana problems so far. Wonder what this will add.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cat is for fite; but I'm healing now

Well, I ding'd 45 and decided, wtf, time to switch to heals. I had enough points to pick up swiftmend, which is de rigeur for heals, so I respec'd.

This is naturegrrl in her pot pourri of spirit, intell, and spell power gear, some of which is cloth cause there just isn't much caster leather under 60. I watched Sarah run my toon through Scarlet Monastery (and she learned how/why I use Grid and decursive). No, I didn't get the caster hat but I got the healy mace.

Then, I took over for the next run. It was pretty smooth, thanks largely to a really good group. The tank pulled. The hunter, rogue, and 'lock mostly stayed under his threat. We all liked how it went so we re-upped. We got Uldaman. We were in there a long time, partly cause we got lost, and so I got the chance to really lay down the heals.

I get it. At this level at least, druid heals remind me a lot of holy priest. That's the good news. It's been easy to adjust. The bad news is that I have all the issues I had when I was running my priest as holy: mana, mana, mana. Again, as with the priest, once you realize how to NOT overheal, things do get better, but here I am again scrounging for +spirit and +intell gear while wishing I were grabbing +spell. I know this will change later, and meanwhile I am enjoying another healer class. There are some commonalities with priest but a lot of interesting differences too. Similarities, well, for starters, just as the priest calls up the shadowfiend to get back some mana, the drood has a spell called innervate, which returns mana in a similar fashion. However, UNLIKE the priest, I can also cast that spell on another party member, not just on myself.

Anyhow... that's today's update. Since she's on another server I have no gold from other toons to send her. While she has managed to get and stay above 100G consistently (tyvm mining and AH), she can't afford dual spec. This means I'll be leveling thru dungeon finder. Ah well.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It Has Begun

And so it begins. Yes, the expansion isn't until November, but as always, there are events leading up to it.  Today, Alliance and Horde got to help their lil' buddies get take back their homes.

On the Horde side you help Vol'Jin take back the Echo Isles. You got a nice trinket that turns you into a troll, and you pretty cloak. And... well... it sure was fun. That's a group of us REAL people players helping Vol'Jin in his battle on the island.

The Allie version is, of course, all about Gnomeregan. It is less fun that the Horde version, imho. You get a similar trinket and cape. This is Naturegrrl. She's not high enough to do the whole event, but she could at least get through enough of it to get the trinket. She is on her night elf tiger mount as a gnome, with a helmet, of course.

Friday, September 03, 2010

How Girls Play

Beginning with a preemptive: Shut up. Yah I rolled another alt. I rolled a druid for two reasons. First, I'm very interested in the variations in the healing classes. I love playing my disc priest, but I am curious about the advantages and disadvantages of various healing classes. I rolled a shammy but I have to say I don't enjoy playing it at low levels. Sarah has rolled and leveled a druid healer which she simply adores, to the point of considering making it her main. So, this led me to roll my druid alt. Now I've rolled druids before and abandonned them before level 20 cause they are such a drag at low levels. But - DOH! - as my daughter pointed out to me, you can't level as a healer till at least level 40 cause the spells suck at the low level so level as a cat. I knew that. Cat is for fite.

I will, at some point, take another look at the shammy 'cause shammy heals are teh shitz. Supernovan is a great healer. But for now, I'm drood. You'll note, if you're clever, that this is an Alliance toon. It's also on a different server, for several reasons. Mostly, I just wanted to mess about on my own and not get ping'd with requests to bring my hunter to some dungeon run that I've done already nine million times. Also, when you're leveling your nine millionth toon, you really don't wanna see the same quests you've seen for the past five years. It's been a long time since I roamed the Alliance side of Azeroth, and it feels a bit fresher.

Now, if this toon takes and I dig it, I will transfer her back to Eitrigg and switch her to Horde. I may specialize in a portfolio of healers. I do enjoy the role. Any hows.... that's what I'm up to.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's All Cool

Professor Putricide down at last. Note ManagedCare is there as a healer. The guild is now 10 of 12 in ICC. We can't get Sindragosa past 8% but we will eventually. Each time is an improvement.

So, I'm no disc priest virgin anymore. The guild dragged me along on an ICC25 (this picture is a 10-man), where I was one of two priests healing, five healers total (three druids). I did fine. I was given an OT to keep up and I did, except for two fights. In both cases we were sort of out of time and things were going to hell anyway. I didn't feel too bad about it. I'm completely comfortable with disc. now and use it in the heroic dailies and in guild 10- and 25-man raids. I don't seem to pump out the numbers that straight up healers do, that is, as a mitigation specialist my whole point is to avoid having to heal by protecting.

Meanwhile, Tynqua is pounding away on achievements, mostly to catch the ones that will be affected by the terraforming in Cataclysm. Sure is easier to go back and farm achievements as a geared up 80 than to do them at level. LOL.

I started a druid and a shaman on another server, mostly to see how those classes heal. I've been really impressed with the shammy heals (Supernovan, Chakchel), and I'd like to understand the mechanic. It's slow going though, to level those, partly cuz I'm sick of leveling toons and partly cause they're so weak at low levels.

Some of the guildies have gotten into 5-man arena, and it reminded me of our short stint in 2- and 3-mans with Viamedia. I just don't have the hand-mind speed for pvp. :-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gear, Specs, and Flasks

First of all, I have to announce this. Tynaqua is #2 on gear in the guild. And the funny thing is, I've got a ton of alts and I'm not a big gear competition junky. But, there you go. I'll never catch Althaea, but I'm at peace with that. Tyn still doesn't do the most damage by far. Those f'n mages and rogues are awfully hard to catch on big boss fights, but I like to think my utility for fights like Saurfang and Lady WhateverHerNameIs compensates. I think the gear score clincher was the crafted level 264 boots: Rock Steady Treads. I actually abandoned Jewel Crafting and leveled skinning from 0-450 in about a day and a half just to farm the arctic furs needed. And those I got in about 4 hours.

Meanwhile I've been learning to play the discipline spec on ManagedCare, my priest healer. Wow, is that a weird spec. You mostly mitigate damage by anticipating it and bubbling the likely targets. The bubble absorbs damage, and when it pops you get a shit ton of mana back. I never need mana on this toon except when I freak out and over bubble. See the downside is you have no real AOE heal (no Circle of Healing) and no fast and big single target heal... Well there is one but it has a long CD, relatively speaking. So... I've run normals Northrend dungeons as disc. and one or two heroics, but I'm not totally comfy with it.

And, in further weird news... I decided that we never seem to have enough pots/elixirs/flasks in the gbank and I'm sick of dropping big coin to get Flask of Endless Enrage for raids, so I took JohnBigBoote, mah old Alliance rogue, and made him a Hordie. His alch was already at 400, so now I'm trying to top it off. Meanwhile he's supplying reasonably good flasks and elixirs for MC and Tyn. I guess it's like my dad always said, "If you want something done right, do it yourself."

Friday, June 11, 2010

...and a preview

cataclysm. november. got my copy reserved. you?

BRK is back. I have Jeeves. I need a respec and cheap beer

I stumbled up on Big Red Kitty's return when I went Googling for some hunter gear info. Yes, he's back. Apparently they sucked him in a few months back with an invite to the alpha of Cataclysm. He's NDA'd up the arse so his entries are mostly funny and not very informative, but golly gee it's great to have him back. Here's hoping they restore the end game playability of the BM spec! 

ManagedCare finally hit exalted with the Horde Expedition in Northrend and thus able to buy the mechanohog recipe. Of course, I have discovered that you have to purchase 2/3s of the mats from vendors and that the cost is close to 15K Gold, so ... gonna be a while before I get the mechanohog, if ever.

Also, I've finally managed to build Jeeves, the repair 'bot, although, they've sort of gutted his usefulness by having repair people near almost ever dungeon entrance from Outland to Northrend. But, it's still cool to pull him out when you're deep into a dungeon.

MC, or ManagedC as I like to call her, is very comfy with all heroic 5-mans now. Once I got the regen up around 700 unbuffed, it was cake. But on 10-mans it's looking like I'm going to need to spec discipline (or disc, as it's called more often). That is a very different play style, all about mitigation and anticipation. Does not sound fun, but I keep getting told to go disc. Interestingly, Althaea is still holy spec and heals our 10- and 25-man raids. I'm fine being a raid healer; I have no desire to main heal the MT/OT. Let the pallies do that. 

Speaking of priests, Bonnie and I met at UCI yesterday to chat about doing some WoW writing together.  She's healing on a shammy and we compared notes. I *do* have a shammy mid-level sitting in Alliance (remember Kuu?) and I could swap her into Horde and give that a try, but why compete with Bonnie. I am kinda diggin' priest heals. We both agreed the fun of healing is the scrambling when stuff goes wrong in the raid.  

I missed GLS this year for a variety of reasons, but mostly I let those reasons overrun me 'cause I realized I really only go for the people. The content is very limited; often the same small circle of speakers with not always something new to say. However, I am going to E3 next week. I'm stoked about that. We also decided not to try, no doubt fruitlessly anyhow, for the Blizzcon tickets. We kinda liked watching the stream last year, and this year there will be have more flexibility/variety in the streaming. Sure we'll miss the schwag, but hey: cleaner bathrooms, cheaper beer.  What can I say?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Je Suis Arrivée

Okay, yah, I changed her name to avoid a kid who was dogging me for help. I didn't realize that if I changed the name it would also change it on his friends list. Ah well, I have gotten used to Managed Care as a name now.

So yes, MC (as the guild calls her) has ding'd 80 and thanks to the dungeon finder is almost all attired in purple. I got to heal my first guild runs as EricN was running and rerunning Pit of Saron for a shield. Then I got a chance to try my hand at healing a 10-man for the weekly (Instructor Raz). I didn't find it difficult to track, which I thought I would, but I did realize my mana regen isn't quite there yet.

I've ding'd engineering 450 and have the Jeeves recipe. I'm slowing working on accumulating the mats. Have to scrounge Outlands for Khorium, which is now even harder to find since hardly anyone is IN Outlands mining (Khorium is a respawn from Fel Iron). Got my helicopter, my portable mailbox, and of course the goblin Northrend Wormhole Generator. Engineering was fun until those last 5 points. I'm also bummed to learn that a key money-maker (ammo) will be gone in the expansion, although my hunter is pleased to hear that. Onward and upward.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Getting Better All the Time

I've got to admit it's getting better(Better)
A little better all the time (It can't get no worse) 
I have to admit its getting better (Better)
It's getting better

Since you've been mine

Okay, I'm level 65 and healing in Underbog and either we're over the hump and people this high know what they're doing...or they've been beaten about the head by prior PUGs and now have some game smarts. I was just in a PUG with a rogue, DK, and 2 warriors and no one stole aggr from the tank. Thank you, Jeebus. So here I am, looking snappy, except for shoes??? It's like I'm wearing earth shoes or sumpin.

And, I've got engineering up to level 350. Just waiting for the trip to Northrend to keep moving up. Of course, I built myself a chopper and I love it. How can one not? Here it is. Ain't it sweet? Noisy, but fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Different Kind of Healer

Okay, still healing. Coming up to level 56 soon. Just ran Blackrock yesterday (ugh close to 2hrs) and we only wiped when we were surprised by mobs when the tank opened a door while we were still finishing off the last set of mobs. Actually, wasn't a total wipe, but I died. Love the fail angel.

It occurs to me I'm learning some very bad habits in these PUGs runs. So far no one marks and we never discuss things except to critique each other, e.g., "so 'lock, why do you have the vw out?" Last group I was in, yah the Blackrock group, I suggested we had a lot of CC we could use, and someone typed in chat, "CC?"

So I only mind control or shackle when I'm questing, and I only do that to keep some sense of skill up in those talents. In groups I'm usually managing mana whle spamming renew. Tossing a shield up on the asshat pulling aggro and fighting almost outside my LOS and pumping greater heals onto the tank who's losing way too much health perhaps because the DPS is daydreaming or incompetent.

I do worry that I'll start running with a more team-like group and be a complete idiot. Ah well.

In Other News...
I got an invite for the Starcraft beta, which I intend to play. However it is PC only at this point so I'll have to dig out and fire up the Dell. It's on the to do list.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Healing, or, "Everybody Sucks Except Me"

Yah, I'm healing. Under the name of PennyPretty on the Alliance side. Laying low to avoid humilation from the guildies were I to reveal yet another alt.

I was diggin' it, probably mostly because I like the challenge of keeping four asshats alive at once. Ah, Althaea, I owe you so many apologies.

I'm doing it fairly seriously. I actually installed GRID and learning that convoluted addon was not a snap. But, since I have GRID, I can really 'see' what's going on in the fight on the screen but also in the stupidity of the players.

I'm using the new dungeon finder system to level quickly. You get nice blue drops for each random you do. So for each level I use about half quest XP and half dungeon XP. I'm guildless, which I prefer atm. Maybe someday I'll guild this toon...nah.  In the random dungeon finder you get PUGs, with the rare exception of a foursome of guildies who need a healer. In the latter case, people seems to know how to play. In the former, you get the keystone cops.

Not sure where to start with my descriptions of player fails. Perhaps the hunter, with the pet on aggro? Nah, too obvious. Okay, the hunter who is fighting in another room while the rest of the party is across the hall in a different room. Oh, of course he's dying and yelling heal me.

Maybe the warlock/mage who is out-aggro'ing the tank, and when told to stop it seems completely clueless about what 'aggro' is and why it's his/her fault. I have been schooling folks on OMEN, which usually requires schooling them on addons too.  /foreheadpalm

Or my real favorite and the one I encounter the most, the party made up of pallies and warriors, all of whom have decided they wish to tank. Well, they probably haven't decided that, they just don't know how to play their character. No dude, don't taunt if you're playing DPS, okay? Yah, kewl.

I have also had no luck getting anyone to realize that their missteps require me to burn through massive amounts of mana and thus stop to drink often. When they leave me behind I usually call out, you just run ahead and kill some shit. I'll catch up with you for the rezzing.

I have actually macro'd the following two cautions:
1. Let the tank tank.
2. Get it off me.

The last is invoked as I run TOWARD the tank with a mob munching my arse. A good tank doesn't need to be told.

Oh, wait, I forgot the total fail of the dudes who, after drawing aggro, run AWAY from us making it near impossible for the tank to regain the mob's attention and near impossible for me to heal him/her without losing LOS on the tank.

omg seabass. But it's fun. It really is. I'm about level 43 now and it's still fun. Not sure I'll have the cajones for high level healing, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lessons from Day Three Pre-Launch

It takes a goofy community little more than five minutes to create a logical construct that traces from Barren's Chat through Chuck Norris and ends up with Sulu is gay, non-smoking and a Nazi (Meaning Chuck is as well).

/me takes a deep breath

Ahhh . . . who knew I'd miss such discussions?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh, THAT World of Warcraft

So after the dungeon finder showed up I found myself doing a lot of 5-man PUGs. The more I did the more comfortable I became. Soon I had a bunch of badges and I bought gear; also got some uber drops. Then more badges, and suddenly I had my T9 set. Hmm. Doing decent damage... Then it hit me, now I'm playing the game that all those other guys play... where you worry about your ultimate rotation, your enchants and gems, your stats, and on and on.

Fortunately, I stepped back from the edge of that madness. But hey, James, check me out in mah uberness. Tonight my first 25-man... meh. I've gotten interested in getting Françoise to an uber state (she's running dungeons now too), and getting PerfectTommy or Fortknight up to snuff.

Game is still interesting because I am often not playing for as much as a week at a time. I come back and stuff seems fresh again. Which reminds me, Kleo is back. We really haven't seen him in qite a while.