Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Gotta Ride!

Damn this game. Dammit to hell. I'm trying to play and it keeps making new attractive goals for me before I can reach the goals I've already set for myself.

Yah, I just found out that the chopper is not BOP (Bind on Pickup) for engineers. Yeah baby, I can haz chopper! Well, Tigan can make it for me for only a butt load of mats AND about 15,000G. (ZOMG where mai gonna get dat kinda coin?). So glad I didn't sell all those titansteel bars, eternals, and artic furs. At least I have most of the other mats. [In the snap, that's Tigan driving and me in the sidecar.]

But this game does do that. Currently I consider myself to be on a bazillion quests, each with its own cool payoff. Well, I have made some progress. I did get the awesome Kalu'ak Fishing Pole and the penguin pet for being exalted with that faction. I did get the awesome war bear when my guild took out all three kings on the Alliance side; I blogged about that earlier.

In this regard it's a very clever world, not just a game, that Blizz has created. There is so much to do, so many things to go for, I just don't get bored playing. Now some of my guildies, well, about all they do is dungeons/instances or PVP. That would bore me very quickly. I guess to each his own. Interestingly, I'm NOT all about having the best thing or having something FIRST, and fortunately, Warcraft doesn't paint me into that sort of game corner. If they did, I'd have been long gone.

So now I've been "away" from the game for several days and I'm dying to jump in and get clear on what I need to do next, first, etc for my latest obsessions. =choppah= More later; gotta play.