Monday, September 27, 2010

Hell Yah

These are the first and second place winners of the Video Game Voters' Network (VGVN) contest for a banner to oppose the over-regulation of video games. Look! They even got Stan Lee to join the fray.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I am  tree. I have tree? Made it to lvl 51. Let the über heals begin. Actually have been healing with no problems, not even mana problems so far. Wonder what this will add.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cat is for fite; but I'm healing now

Well, I ding'd 45 and decided, wtf, time to switch to heals. I had enough points to pick up swiftmend, which is de rigeur for heals, so I respec'd.

This is naturegrrl in her pot pourri of spirit, intell, and spell power gear, some of which is cloth cause there just isn't much caster leather under 60. I watched Sarah run my toon through Scarlet Monastery (and she learned how/why I use Grid and decursive). No, I didn't get the caster hat but I got the healy mace.

Then, I took over for the next run. It was pretty smooth, thanks largely to a really good group. The tank pulled. The hunter, rogue, and 'lock mostly stayed under his threat. We all liked how it went so we re-upped. We got Uldaman. We were in there a long time, partly cause we got lost, and so I got the chance to really lay down the heals.

I get it. At this level at least, druid heals remind me a lot of holy priest. That's the good news. It's been easy to adjust. The bad news is that I have all the issues I had when I was running my priest as holy: mana, mana, mana. Again, as with the priest, once you realize how to NOT overheal, things do get better, but here I am again scrounging for +spirit and +intell gear while wishing I were grabbing +spell. I know this will change later, and meanwhile I am enjoying another healer class. There are some commonalities with priest but a lot of interesting differences too. Similarities, well, for starters, just as the priest calls up the shadowfiend to get back some mana, the drood has a spell called innervate, which returns mana in a similar fashion. However, UNLIKE the priest, I can also cast that spell on another party member, not just on myself.

Anyhow... that's today's update. Since she's on another server I have no gold from other toons to send her. While she has managed to get and stay above 100G consistently (tyvm mining and AH), she can't afford dual spec. This means I'll be leveling thru dungeon finder. Ah well.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It Has Begun

And so it begins. Yes, the expansion isn't until November, but as always, there are events leading up to it.  Today, Alliance and Horde got to help their lil' buddies get take back their homes.

On the Horde side you help Vol'Jin take back the Echo Isles. You got a nice trinket that turns you into a troll, and you pretty cloak. And... well... it sure was fun. That's a group of us REAL people players helping Vol'Jin in his battle on the island.

The Allie version is, of course, all about Gnomeregan. It is less fun that the Horde version, imho. You get a similar trinket and cape. This is Naturegrrl. She's not high enough to do the whole event, but she could at least get through enough of it to get the trinket. She is on her night elf tiger mount as a gnome, with a helmet, of course.

Friday, September 03, 2010

How Girls Play

Beginning with a preemptive: Shut up. Yah I rolled another alt. I rolled a druid for two reasons. First, I'm very interested in the variations in the healing classes. I love playing my disc priest, but I am curious about the advantages and disadvantages of various healing classes. I rolled a shammy but I have to say I don't enjoy playing it at low levels. Sarah has rolled and leveled a druid healer which she simply adores, to the point of considering making it her main. So, this led me to roll my druid alt. Now I've rolled druids before and abandonned them before level 20 cause they are such a drag at low levels. But - DOH! - as my daughter pointed out to me, you can't level as a healer till at least level 40 cause the spells suck at the low level so level as a cat. I knew that. Cat is for fite.

I will, at some point, take another look at the shammy 'cause shammy heals are teh shitz. Supernovan is a great healer. But for now, I'm drood. You'll note, if you're clever, that this is an Alliance toon. It's also on a different server, for several reasons. Mostly, I just wanted to mess about on my own and not get ping'd with requests to bring my hunter to some dungeon run that I've done already nine million times. Also, when you're leveling your nine millionth toon, you really don't wanna see the same quests you've seen for the past five years. It's been a long time since I roamed the Alliance side of Azeroth, and it feels a bit fresher.

Now, if this toon takes and I dig it, I will transfer her back to Eitrigg and switch her to Horde. I may specialize in a portfolio of healers. I do enjoy the role. Any hows.... that's what I'm up to.